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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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it could go late. we don't know. these are the special gersts coming up. you have a choice. you have megyn kelly and bret. they are watching me. in your commercial break if you're at a cross, watch me. we still get the ratings. have a nice night. ♪ ♪ >> eric: this is a fox news alert. exactly two hours from now, at 7:00 p.m. eastern, the first polls will close in six states, including georgia, indiana, kentucky, south carolina, vermont, and the crucial battleground of virginia. hello, i'm eric bolling. along with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. 5 verz in new yor5:00 in new yo. "the five" is proud to kick off fox's coverage of election 2012. ♪ ♪ >> eric: the day has finally arrived. american voters will decide who will be the next president
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of the united states. we all get to exercise that right today. including the candidates. governor romney voted this morning in belmont, massachusetts. paul ryan cast his ballot in janesville, wisconsin. joe biden checked the box for the obama ticket in his home state of delaware. you will remember, president obama voted early in chicago back on october 25. but today, it's really up to you. in this hour we'll check in with carl cameron at the romney headquarters in boston. plus ed henry with the obama camp in chicago. we'll tell you which states to watch, when the polls close and what is at stake in each one of them. plus, we'll run down reports of voter fraud and intimidation. hope you stay with us for the hour. the way we'll do it, run to the swing state and start with virginia. bob, what is going on in virginia? what is the latest? >> bob: it depends on the turn-out in the northern virginia. democratic stronghold. the other issue is how big they turn out in virginia beach and hampton road area.
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promilitary. obama did very well down there last time. he won't do as well this time. >> eric: can i point something out? the stock market rallied very, very strong today. a lot of people saying what is going on? obama rally? romney rally? especially virginia, for virginia, the coal industry rallied strongly. oil and coal, drilling and mining were very, very strong today. maybe virginia is, you know, will benefit from romney win. maybe that is what -- >> bob: maybe they know something more than we know at this point. >> eric: move on. north carolina, kick off north carolina? >> dana: north carolina is a state obama won last time. they admitted they weren't going there anymore on the obama campaign, they decided it was going to go for romney. a couple of main reasons. the most important one is the economy. state of unemployment situation there is very bad. i have a few friends that live there. things are rough. they don't feel like there was any way to get them going again. so wonderful state, and i
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think that they will be well-served also by republican governor. who will win that seat. >> eric: 15 electoral votes, polls close at 7:30 north carolina. >> greg: yeah, well, you know how many people are going to vote? 90,00,001. this morning they said 90 million people would vote but then i added. i don't know anything, i am sick of polls. after today, if i hear the word "gallup" or "pew" it better be because a horse broke wind. i don't want to hear their name forever. i have been hearing a lot of weird, weird voting problems going on. joe biden got confused because he complained the voting booth actually ate his atm card. >> eric: did he vote for the right person? let's move on. ohio. important swing state. kick off ohio. what is going on there? take a look. 7:30, eastern time.
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so parts of ohio are eastern and central if i'm not mistaken. go ahead. >> andrea: i'm so happy we are finally going to get an answer. not just on who the next president will be. so we can know what mood bob beckel will be in for the next four years ladies and gentlemen. we'll figure it out hopefully tonight. ohio, there was a "columbus dispatch" poll that democrats like to cite which shows that romney overperforming mccain by 22 points. to mccain's 11 points. the county to watch there is hamilton county. the very populated, swing county. this is very tight. early voting showed obama rehead. the democratic advantage is up. that and a absentee ballot wiped it out. >> dana: romney internal showed them up plus two in
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ohio. michael leavitt, health and human services secretary for bush, he started on the reagan campaign and he was so excite excited. he said you would go to ohio. he said i don't want to go to ohio. nothing happens there. he said you can't win as republican if you don't win ohio. i'm sure he is reminding them of that every day. >> eric: any surprise if romney wins ohio today? and president obama chose not to -- >> dana: biden went last minute today. >> bob: i don't know why he chose cuyahoga county. i think what they're probably trying to do is minimize votes in cuyahoga county. as andrea pointed out to me, suburban counties around it, have been republican, and obama did very well there. again, question what happened last time around. i think obama will hold off enough but not -- i mean he will be there, but it will be
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within a point. >> andrea: people are asking is pennsylvania the new ohio? >> eric: we'll get there in a second. hang on to that thought. greg, you and i take care of florida. want to go first? >> greg: i want to talk about pennsylvania. >> eric: hold the thought. >> greg: bill clinton is in philly. did you hear what he said to the crowd there? he said who wants a president who will knowingly and repeatedly tell you something that isn't true? apparently he is running again. who knew it? he's testing the waters. did he do it third term? are we talking about florida? florida is tight. you know what it is? it's getting your blood test results. the action is quick, takes a week to get results and it could be catastrophe. >> bob: taken in the early morning. florida. >> eric: florida -- put the graphic up one more time. understand something about florida. florida is interesting. the panhandle which is an earlier time zone so you have two different time zones in florida. also florida breaks down this way. the southern part of florida is typically a democrat win.
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from the mid-state down, i-4 corridor that cuts the state in half. south of it, democrats. north of the i-4 corridor is typically republican. keep an eye on it and a lot of people sit along there. tampa, orlando, some areas on the east coast of florida where they are getting a good sense of where florida is going to go. >> greg: mascot to disney world, are they forced to vote in character or vote as themselves? >> andrea: they can't vote in character, wouldn't it be -- >> greg: you don't need i.d. >> andrea: family saw mini mouse voting a certain way. forever be democrat or -- >> greg: goofy? >> andrea: je with have goofy. it's vice president of the united states. >> bob: not fair. >> andrea: florida, people forget obama only beat mccain by three points in florida. that was at his best when obama was peaking. this is in romney's camp. >> eric: one more thought on florida. if florida goes late, that is
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seen as a negative for the romney campaign. florida typically has been romney's straight through. it ends up being late vote, late call, may not be good for him. >> dana: i want to say, when romney picked paul ryan to be his vice president, one of the things you heard that would be a criticism about paul ryan is because he dared to suggest revisions to medicare, that that meant that florida would be history for the republicans. today, that looks like romney will win florida and gallop poll shows when it comes to medicare handling, obama is only four-points ahead of republican on that. at the end of the election cycle, i would take it for a big win for republican and they keep going. >> eric: move on. press in new hampshire. a lot of people said new hampshire wasn't relevant. guess what? new hampshire is very relevant. go ahead. >> andrea: romney will sweep this out. it will be close but he will squeak it out by one or two points because of the first congressional district, manchester and the southeast
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areas. i call it the sununu country. the man running for congress there has the best ground game my sources tell me on the ground even better than the candidates for governor. they had 12,000 people at the verizon center, record breaker for romney. >> dana: my mom loves in denver but she is vacationing in the white mountains and she has not called in for update. you pointed something in out green room and watched the poll and said it won't be a good time for obama as people show up later in the day. it might be more republicans voting. voting >> bob: a number of states with late voting.
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pennsylvania. >> andrea: pennsylvania, to see the populated county. if they win bucks county suburban vote that obama won in 2008, he is in good shape. axelrod said he might have to shave his mustache from romney wins. boil a tub of hot wax and get ready for full-on body wax. >> eric: romney did win the first debate and he got a boost from that. >> bob: this is a state in the western, it's pittsburgh and philadelphia, big areas. question of turn-out there. >> eric: for me, 8:00 p.m., in another state if it goes
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long, long it's bad for president obama. that means the state he should have won and won handily may go to romney. gives a picture, bigger picture. >> dana: pennsylvania, remember, job numbers, 90,000 fewer people working today. the american crossroad ad, another one, have you seen the ad where the woman is pushing the baby stroller and pushing the stroller and ads in her head. ann romney said women are look for more time and certainty in their lives. i think it mike play out in pennsylvania. >> greg: polls nev done well in pennsylvania. toomey wasn't supposed to win and he won handily. analysts poll the polls and now pollsters look at the polls of the polls. so now none of this is make sense. not right.
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it is going to go to obama. take the pollsters, put them on an island with no provisions and poll them on cannibalism. >> eric: do they get off the island? >> greg: no. >> eric: just rich this is a great day to be an american. do this right and keep it clean. no stealing votes. no murals. get out and vote. see what happens. wake up tomorrow and see what tomorrow brings. when we come back, everything you need to know about the other swing state. visit with campaign carl and election ed at camp romney and camp obama. don't touch that dial. stick around. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ my insurance rates e probably gonna double.
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iowa, after all the months of campaigning, after the millions of dollars of ads, it all comes down to you. it's out of my hands now. >> many long days and short nights and now we're close. the door to the brighter future is there. it's open and waiting for us. i need your vote. i need your help. walk with me, walk tomorrow.
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god bless you. god bless new hampshire. god bless the united states of america. >> dana: we're back now with more of the special election day coverage on "the five." we are going through more of the states because there are about five more. we'll try to get to. start with my home state of colorado. i would say three months ago, andrea, i was not sure about colorado. but then certainly after the first debate, that took place in denver, university of denver, where you were. colorado closed freakenly for romney. >> andrea: it did. a state that obama won and led in early voting and absentee. now it flipped and now registered republicans outnumber registered democrats. state where romney is leading in early voting. i do think a lot of people underestimate the strength of evangelicals in colorado. you look at the suburbs. i don't have to tell you outside of denver, that is the
5:18 pm
suburban vote. barron is asking candidates to recapture it for republicans. i think he will. >> greg: democrats lose this state, they will blame it on -- [ inaudible ] >> bob: that is a split state down the middle. western slope, colorado springs, which is very conservative, heavily republican, eastern slope is denver and boulder. both of which will be big numbers for obama. right about the suburban areas but too strong a democratic state. >> dana: my sister is interesting and i talk to her the whole time, because it's a swing state, watching television unbearable because of the negative ads. see if it turns people off. >> bob: say something nice about romney. the last speech i heard him give, he has become a much better candidate. >> dana: i don't know if he has grown as candidate or always been that person and took off one of the shell of the -- whatever was -- >> greg: when the words were candidate. how hard that was.
5:19 pm
i mean definitely going through the booking. i don't know. 12 candidates. >> eric: 13. >> bob: that turned -- >> greg: turned him in a good speaker. >> dana: let me ask about michigan. one thing if break, bob says michigan shouldn't be on the list because it's not a swing state. talk about the economy there and why you think it might be in place. >> eric: it closes at 9:00 p.m. it probably shouldn't in play because of the uaw. they have been bailed out and given everything. i heard today adon't know if it's true, chrysler workers were given a day off to vote. shouldn't be. but the fact we're mentioning it is i guess a pat in back for mitt romney. surprised to see it on the list. of the ones on the list for me, i'm looking at the whole list, probably the least likely to go romney. >> dana: if we stay with you and go to wisconsin. i want to ask about in regard
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to that scott walker, who won in 2010, governor there. remember, he put forward the changes in the contract. we covered that for days. recall election and he won it handily. is wisconsin maybe turning little red? >> eric: this is the one that could be the big surprise. this is one that no one thinks that romney can win, probably including bob. this is the one he can win for the reasons you state. scott walker is a tremendously popular person in state of wisconsin. people in wisconsin hated the recall vote. hated to do that and spend the money and all that nonsense. scott walker is out for romney. that's -- if romney loses ohio, he needs michigan or -- >> greg: wisconsin is an example of kind of a quiet america. what you saw on tv, where the angry people, you assume that that represents a largeer number than there is. all of a sudden you find out it isn't. >> bob: keep in mind, turn-out of the recall
5:21 pm
petition is a third of the state turn-out is for a presidential race. >> dana: good point. thoughts on it? >> andrea: early voting is down in university towns. that is where president obama is looking to poll a -- pull youth vote out. wisconsin is tough to tell on the polls because remember before the recount a lot of polls had governor walker down. the fact that the president went to green bay, republican area, tells me they feel they're in trouble. >> dana: at least shore it up. two more. iowa. last week we were talking about "des moines register" that hadn't endorsed a republican since richard nixon in 1972. flipped from obama support to romney support in 2008. today, there was word, bob, romney's people think iowa is still in play and not sure as they were. >> bob: the polls are stronger. iowa is over.
5:22 pm
if it goes to romney i'd be shocked. >> dana: nevada, your favorite state. >> greg: i love nevada. i spent time in carson city against my will. >> bob: chicken ranch. >> greg: no, bob. i have nothing on nevada. tom arnold is not voting for his ex-wife rosanne as nominee for peace and freedom party. this is your ex-wife. support her. >> dana: peace and freedom party? >> greg: the i want more marijuana party. >> bob: what twitter are you wearing snowear today? >> greg: this is in the spirit of money. i want people start making money and get rich again. that's why i'm wearing this. >> bob: one thing, colorado, other states voting on the legalization of marijuana today. draw the youth vote. >> greg: did they get off
5:23 pm
the couch? >> dana: can you offer the munchies at the polling booth? >> eric: >> bob: sure! >> eric: throw this out. we will know, we may know the fate of the next president. ohio, pennsylvania, virginia, florida. when you know those, it is pretty, pretty locked in when we know those four. >> dana: here we go. when we come back, we'll check in with campaign carl cameron spending the day at romney headquarters in boston. looking forward to talking to him next on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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if there is anyone worried that the last four years is the best we can do, if there is anyone that fears the american dream is fading away,
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if there is anyone who wonders whether better jobs or paychecks are things of the past, i have a leer and you equivocal message -- clear and unequivocal message. with the right leadership america will come roaring back. >> greg: can you believe it? it's election day. you know what that means? time for the prime, the super thin but he sees -- [ inaudible ] sonic boom of the briefing room. lay dids and gents man on the fence. we have carl cameron. would have's tricks? >> hey, hi, greg. i'd prefer humble beat reporter at the end of a very long campaign trail but thank you. mr. romney is right now en route from the day on the road back to boston. he began this day in his hometown of belmont, massachusetts, where he cast a ballot for himself, wife ann with him. when he was asked who they
5:29 pm
voted for he said, "i think you know." from there, romney spent the day in ohio and pennsylvania dealing with volunteers, trying to jazz that get out the vote effort and the final day. romney upbeat and he told reporters a short time ago on the plane intellectually he thought he won it and would win it all along. he said he has only prepared one speech. it's victory speech. so there is a measure of his confidence. you talk to folks in boston as they watch what is happening. all of them furiously working the hand he would and cell phone. talk -- handheld and cell phones. it's a delosse race. republicans recognize it could turn on what happens in florida. and virginia, and ohio. they're watch them carefully. they believe as goes those three states, so goes the nation. they recognize ohio is the principal battleground and it could be a late night. may even spill in days, greg. >> greg: thanks, carl. tyke with the mic.
5:30 pm
this is an interesting question. he talked about mitt voting. is there a tradition, do you vote for the other guy? no? >> bob: i highly doubt it. i know given your analytical skills here maybe something new. >> greg: no need for mocking. >> bob: that wasn't mocking. >> dana: that is the way america is going. everyone is a winner. everyone gets a trophy. you have want to help the other guy out. >> bob: can i make a point about this race. that is that percentage of the vote in presidential races that have been white gone down two points in four elections from the start at 8%. for romney to win, it has to go back up, to 75 to 76. i don't think it will happen. at 72% it's impoke for him to win. >> dana: or win more hispanic votes. >> bob: that would run in the face of everything we know about the hispanic vote. that means you don't believe the polls. i can't imagine romney has an affiliation with the hispanic
5:31 pm
community. >> andrea: that is basing it on the fact that president obama gets this whole camp out than he did in 2008. >> bob: not at all. >> andrea: i don't understand. he is not going to perform the way he did in 2008. you concedeed that. >> bob: but there are 10 million new voters. >> andrea: but are the voters enough? the biggest question -- >> bob: yes. >> andrea: can they make up for middle, independents he is losing my double digits and the republican turn-out and enthusiasm? the electorate identifies more with republicans this time around. 10-point swing. >> bob: listen, you got to remember, he won by a landslide last time. a lot of room to give. in ohio and other states, all the states he won before, a big advantage. he would have to lose considerably more than he did. >> eric: can we do this? take camera two. this is a headline. brain room checked it out. "associated press" headline. carter-reagan, too close to call. polls say. carter had a six-point edge over reagan with a week to go until the election. this part is true as well. reagan wins in a land slide.
5:32 pm
489 electoral votes. too close to call. polls don't matter. >> bob: he was never six points ahead. >> eric: we look at that, too. 45 to 39. now you don't like gallup? >> bob: when it was debate? >> eric: week prior to election. >> greg: andrea, what is it like for candidate to watch the results go on i ran for judge in high school and won by 30, 40 votes. what do they do in they have to act like they'll win. >> andrea: right. exactly. it's very stressful. waiting is the hardest part. romney campaign prepared only one speech. but writing a concession speech was hard. on one campaign, the political
5:33 pm
director walked in and i had both speeches. which one? it wasn't the one that the candidate wanted. that is the worst. >> greg: didn't you run for governor of ferry visit in the forest? >> dana: i won it handily. it wasn't a contest really. who would run against me? in the fairy village. what were you doing -- what is the student counsel judge do? >> greg: in charge of arranging the dances between the schools. all guys school so you organized dances with notre dame. don't let me finish this story. go ahead. >> bob: no. no. i want you to finish the story. but i want to make a point. never mind. never mind. forget it. forget it. i'll let it go. the longest day -- >> andrea: i ran for miss lehigh. dance competition and that's the only reason i won. >> dana: my college roommate won miss melon queen. [ laughter ] seriously! that's where they produce the
5:34 pm
most melons in america. that's true. >> hi, andrea! from colorado! in case you're watching. >> bob: melon queen. >> greg: don't order that on amazon. not about fruit. >> bob: in the presidential races this is longest day. you have scheduled this. everything is working on. hierarchy of the campaign can only sit around and wait. >> dana: do you think they're as hungry as i am? >> bob: no, they neat all day long. >> eric: is there a melon king? >> dana: not that i was aware of. >> greg: that is sexist. make mess sick to my stomach. what kind of friends do you hang out with. election ed at the obama headquarters. if you leigh now you will miss out on his world famous str stroodle. ♪ ♪
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we made real progress the last four years but we are here tonight because we have work to do. not done on the journey. we have more road to travel. >> he is offering excuses. i'm offering a plan. i can't wait to get started. he is hoping we'll settle. americans don't settle. we build. we aspire. we grow. we can do better. >> bob:♪ going my way sorry. we are going to chicago and obama headquarters and our friend ed the election -- something like that. >> messed it up.
5:40 pm
>> bob: go ahead. >> the president today was trying to project an image of being calm. he bucked up the troops. he worked the phones himself. illinois not a battleground state. he called volunteer state to get out the vote. sharp contrast to what i saw. you can see he was gearing up, tears coming down his face and he admitted in a local interview with des moines station that mixture of cold weather and emotion of it all. realizing the magnitude of the moment. he will find out tonight if he's transformational president with two terms or a one-term wonder an up with and
5:41 pm
done. i spoke to a senior advisor who told me they are getting number that are mixed. in virginia, strong african-american turn-out. they think that is good for them. in florida, so tight. they think they will watch returns from florida until 2:00 in the morning. not early decision they believe. the midwestern fire wall that is so important to the president, ohio, iowa, et cetera, holding strong. the romney camp are seeing good turn-out from ohio. both sides float numbers. show confidence. the rest of the day president played basketball with friends. lucky tradition going to 2008. the president team won by 20 points. caveat, he had scottie pippen on his team. the former chicago bulls star.
5:42 pm
where he played basketball in chicago was foreclosed on last month. not sure that is a good omen. >> bob: who is going to beat the president? thanks, buddy. go back and get good numbers. thanks. >> andrea: didn't give him the good intro. >> dana: but it might be more memorable. >> bob: never mind. what do you think of the reports he was giving? everybody floats the numbers around. they have great turn-out with the people. >> eric: two schools of thought on it. do you say you're confidence? then you say we have it wrapped up. or the other is people are undecided and vote with winne
5:43 pm
winners. >> bob: this time around -- >> eric: this is his own pickup basketball game. >> bob: i don't want to let the day go by without you mentioning benghazi. >> eric: benghazi. >> bob: good. fine. if obama were to lose and i doubt he would, i'm willing to say he would run again. >> greg: i said at it year ago. he was trying because he doesn't want to move back to chicago. your life span is 30 now. >> andrea: do you believe everything he is saying? they said mitt romney didn't pay taxes. do we believe anything he said? >> bob: he didn't. coming up, will your vote count today? pouring in across the country. next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> andrea: thank you for joining us on special election day edition of "the five." fox's eric shawn has been tracking all the problems at the polling locations around the country. and there have been a bunch of them. in my home state of pennsylvania. eric joining us from cleveland, ohio. eric? >> reporter: hey, you know, politically it was not the city of brotherly love in philadelphia this morning. you're right. the big story there was what happened this morning. the state republican party actually had to go to court to get a judge to get a concept decree to order election inspectors to the polling places. that order affected 75 election inspectors. they were barred from some of those spots. finally, they were allowed in. they should be in there by law. a member of the new black party was back at the spot. not the three we saw in 2008, federal agreement they are barred from carrying a deadly weapon. within 100 feet of the polls. is jerry jackson, he happens to be a democratic poll
5:49 pm
watching, too. so he is allowed to be there. producer kathryn foster tried to get him to talk. >> what is your purpose for being here? >> protecting the people inside? from what? >> reporter: then there was a wall-size mural. take a look at it. of president obama and the campaign logo watching over the voters in a public school. this is franklin school in philadelphia. this remained untouched for hours as people voted. and it was only partially covered up after complaint. shannon mauer, the deputy secretary of the commonwealth and told fox news, "it's an absolute disgrace, election materials and electioneerieng are prohibited by state law. that can be interpreted as trying to influence voters inside the polling place. voter i.d. and sometimes some poll workers asked for that
5:50 pm
but by law, voters didn'tave to turn that over." if you suspect problems at the polls where you live, here is our address. back to you in the studio. >> andrea: thanks, eric. hope that's all the problems they have today now. the expert on shenanigans and dirty tricks. robert g. beckel. what do you make of what is going on in pennsylvania? you have been up to many of those in your day. >> bob: that is a long night for that dude. look, the black opinioner this -- we have been running this for how many weeks? one black panther and now even is freaked out and it's voter intimidation. >> eric: all black -- >> bob: that was a mural of the president. >> eric: if it's not voter intimidation, what is it? explain why a -- >> bob: if i see a sheriff down at the panhandle in florida -- >> eric: what is that? explain it to me. >> bob: he wears black panther flag. so what this >> greg: so he is there,
5:51 pm
eric, to keep things straight. will the kkk be allowed the mobilize? we could have them come together. we could bring peace. fun fact about the liberty bell that cracked, it's an actual crack. >> bob: good to know that, greg. >> greg: the place is crazy. it's nuts. >> bob: if i could go back to this. there is very little fraud going on in america. last time around they had 50 instances of it. >> andrea: you don't work in campaigns anymore. >> bob: true. but a lot of ways to get to it. but you can't vote dead anymore. >> greg: that is good. >> andrea: i want to ask dana about the mural. greg gutfeld has the mural in his office of his own picture. >> dana: i thought it was of me. >> andrea: no. >> do you think it influences voters? >> dana: i don't. as far as it goes, the reports we have seen so far are fairly mild. >> andrea: all right. >> eric: wait a minute. wait a minute. it want a minute. it's okay to show obama?
5:52 pm
but a kid came in wearing mit shirt from the institute of technology and they made him leave? really? >> andrea: all right. one more thing, everybody. up next. ♪ ♪ where others fail, droid powers through.
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>> eric: time for one more thing. who will win and why? greg? >> greg: the election is like my house boy pierre all
5:56 pm
tied up until tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> eric: what happens with pierre tomorrow? >> greg: i don't want to ruin the surprise. >> dana: romney will win because he earned it and president obama loses for the same reason. the poll workers always work hard and volunteer to serve their country. >> eric: i think romney will win because i lit candles for him. four more years of no obamaism. and if he wins bob has to wear
5:57 pm
the hat tomorrow. >> eric: fine. >> bob: the reality is obama will get 299 and will win by 1% of the vote nationwide. another four years of obama. he started things. prosperous for everybody. >> bob: if romney wins i'll accept that. leigh for new zealand but i'm accept that. >> eric: alec baldwin said he would leave. >> andrea: romney will sweep it out. enthusiasm, enrollment for g.o.p. early voting isn't where it was for president obama. i have my romney chia pet ready and seeded to go. my gut tells me mitt romney
5:58 pm
though no one knows. my gut also telling me i'm hungry. tissues for you. >> bob:♪ dream, dream, dream ♪ >> eric: you're very confident. >> bob: very confident. >> dana: i'm very confident. >> bob: it's four against one. >> dana: bob and i will wrestle at mild night. >> bob: i'll lose. >> dana: that is not true. >> bob: are you done? show what you wear in case you lose? >> eric: if obama is president i have to wear this. >> bob: it's good. >> eric: leave it there. that is it for "the five." once again, this is a day to be an american. get out and vote. see what happens. see what tomorrow brings. good night. watch the polls all night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc
5:59 pm
♪ ♪ >> i believe as a nation we're moving forward again. >> ly bring change and get america working again. >> we were there. >> the focus is on the president tonight. >> they're fired up in the crowd as you can tell. >> we can't afford to let a moment go by unanswered. >> the vase very close in the battleground states. >> taking you behind the scenes. >> extraordinarily powerful moment. >> reaching a bowling point. >> bringing you smart, fair and balanced analysis. >> america is at perilous moment. >> needed to dominate the night in a big way. >> party unifys behind barack obama. >> he gets the people out to vote in november? >> who will lead for the next four years? >> think about where we have been and how far we have come. >> his policies have not worked. >> first role of the federal government is keep american people safe. >> four years closer to nuclear iran. >> this obama economy crushed the middle class. >> top-down economics does not work.


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